"Damn you two bastards, don’t throw me away." Leila looked at the two disappearing demons with hatred. At the same time, at the moment when they disappeared, a few terrible gods came instantly. At that moment, it was surrounded by four or five gods around its body. Every one of them was so powerful that it was almost the first level of the Lord God.

"Sister Aurora, you see how to divide the two now?" A charming little girl sounded into poor Leila’s ear. At that moment, the demon master from flash purgatory turned his neck stiffly and saw the talking figure clearly.
"EU euler this also points? Whoever kills nature is fine. Ms. Dawning, give me my necklace back. Now I think you don’t need to make it. "Lord Loren looked at the magic material and looked at the poor flash master. Obviously, in the eyes of the middle-aged image god, this poor devil master has become a test-bed decomposition material.
"No, no, no ~ Loren, you should know its value. We can’t break it down as a material. What do you think of soul control? Or we should dissect it and dig out its source of divine power. "Anthos, the magic god, belongs to the research god like Lorraine. Of course, he is now more keen on creating a new elemental life. For example, Leila’s source of divine power creates a kind of lightning energy that will attack the race. At the thought of this Anthos, his eyes light up.
"I’m playing soy sauce, please let me go." Leila doesn’t have a body at the moment. A new demon dominates it. It has never been watched by four or five gods for a generation, and the most important thing is that it has no way to escape in front of the main Lorraine. Even the most proficient magic demon will lose this ability instantly, and if it is not completely blocked, Lorengen will not appear in front of it.
"Let you let you go, how can I live up to my losses? I almost gave away my holy land in order to draw you out, didn’t you think? Guedos? " Aurora was extremely cold, but when her voice fell, Leila, the master of the flash, suddenly became dull because it saw a guy who should have died in an explosive explosion. He knew very well that Ness waved the power of the earth staff, which definitely broke the Guedos Shenhuo, but now Guedos is alive in front of it.
"Impossible. Shouldn’t you be dead? I saw Ness break your sacred fire with my own eyes. What, you’re not hurt? What, your breath is so strong? It’s not a demigod. Is that your doppelganger? " Leila, the master of lightning, slowly thought of such a possibility, that is, Guedos had already become a god, but he created a doppelganger in people with some kind of power to continue to pay attention to everything and sit in the temple, but he could never figure out how a mortal who had not been a god for a long time could create a semi-god doppelganger with divine fire.
"death? I think I will never die a hundred years ago. If my deity is not shattered, then I will never be in danger of falling. This is a bit difficult. Maybe the great Anthos will give you the answer. Of course, that is after you have completed the experiment. "Guedos looked at it with a teasing look, and it was the funniest thing in God’s career to be suppressed like this.
"Well, I admit that I was planted this time, but Ms. Shuguang, don’t think that you will take advantage. I really hope that you will see your face when your holy land is destroyed. It’s a pity …" With the last words, this unlucky demon dominated other gods and couldn’t believe the speed. At that moment, a terrorist force was generated in the virtual, and all the thunder seemed to gather to form an explosion.
"Hum, you still want to die and dream in front of us." Whether it’s Lorraine, the master, or Anthos, the magic god, they won’t watch their hands fly away and try to stop the flash energy from converging in the virtual space, and then the instantaneous destructive force destroys the demon master who is still burning. At that moment, a corpse lost its life, and at the same time, it feels something is wrong. Leona Aurora tried to project divine power to people at that moment, but found himself stopped by an extremely evil force.
"It seems that we underestimated the power of those guys." Lord Loren slowly waved his hand and hit a mirror. In this mirror, a large dark cloud of Aurora Oath Mountain was slowly gathering towards the holy mountain. In this dark cloud, several gods saw a familiar and unfamiliar shadow.
"They let that guy out?" It seems that the moon goddess Viola, who is very young, looked at the dark clouds and said such a thing. At that moment, even the most calm spell god Anthos could not help but squeeze her staff.
"How can the death titan Togo, the demons of hell, let it out? Do they want to provoke a war of God again?" Lord Loren was almost gnashing his teeth, but he suddenly remembered that the place where demons live is not hell, and how can they care about such a curse?
While Loren was speaking, the image of the Holy Mountain was projected, and suddenly there appeared a gray giant image with a height of less than 50 meters. Its face was gray and almost lifeless, but no one would doubt its power because it was the first dead creature in the event. Togo, a terrible monster, was born from Archaean times, but it was resurrected from the long river of fate to gain vitality. Once the underworld Lord was defeated by Antoro, the current Pluto, and the seal Lord was completely eroded by the power of death. The rational and crazy God’s cold face slowly revealed a terrible and ferocious smile, and then his hand slowly pressed against the Aurora Oath Mountain. At that moment, the terrorist force completely crushed the ridge that had been blessed by God. At that moment, there were several mornings, and the temple believers believed that the holy mountain collapsed.
Chapter 462 War of God
Chapter 462 War of God
Chen Kai woke up in a roar of shaking the earth and shaking the mountains. Previously, he heard cheers from the city wall and thought it was a battle to win a little victory. But in the end, he was awakened by a panic sound. When he looked up in a daze, he saw a huge figure flying in the sky. This figure was so huge that Chen Kai was shocked when he saw the ancient giant. He almost consciously called out the name of the other party, which he had never heard or seen.
"Duo … Ge" When this word is called out from Ll’s mouth in an extremely strange tone, his whole person instantly froze. At the same time, at that moment, the blood in his body seemed to be burning, and a little red light kept shining in his field of vision, which made Ll feel unprepared. When Ll still came or not, a state of madness pushed his consciousness directly away from his body. Now he is like watching his body from the perspective of Emperor in a unified game, but Ll is looking forward to it because he saw a line of fine print in the battle log.
"Titan’s veins activate the character to temporarily enter the adjustment state"
In Chen Kai’s field of vision, his role is almost straight to the ground, and his eyes look straight at the huge and terrible body in the sky. In his body, a little lavender blood gas is constantly rushing as if to leave the body but being bound in the body. At the same time, two huge illusory figures are slowly appearing behind Chen Kai with the surge of blood. One of them is very dim, but they are very unified and growling towards the sky as if the huge monster in the sky is their life and death enemy.
However, there is no way for them to roar out. Only Chen Kaicai, who stands in the middle like them, can hear their sounds. However, the two giants’ roaring language is too old for Chen Kaigen to understand. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they can’t understand their words, but they don’t stop to Togo in their roaring words. Obviously, to Chen Kai, these three words are the names of the giants in that day, but he doesn’t understand how the gray Titan can make it so resentful, although Chen Kai doesn’t know that. Why do the two giants’ virtual shadows hate the Titan in the sky so much? But one thing he knows very well is that if his body doesn’t move, he will die, because the holy mountain, which is said to be always illuminated by the morning light, is slowly breaking and then falling down. Although the direction of falling down is not Chen Kai’s, the terrible impact of gravel keeps falling around Chen Kai. Several pieces of gravel are as big as a house, and when they hit the ground, they crushed several tents and crushed to the ground, unable to move the wounded.
So Chen Kai wanted to rush into his body very much, but he couldn’t get into his body no matter how close he was to his body, because layers of purple blood gas prevented him from entering, and at the same time, the character’s face became extremely ferocious and painful, as if something terrible was happening. What surprised Chen Kai most was that his game character’s head was actually rubbing up, not only vertically, but also horizontally.
"No, it’s not human if you are longer than the elders." Ll gawked at his character’s height, and his body almost reached three meters. According to some standards, Ll’s height is not human now, and he almost became a giant. When finally Ll’s body was fixed, a unified display appeared in the field of vision, and at the same time, his whole person, together with the virtual shadows of the two giants, came together for a change. Two giant shadows shouted at Ll at him at the moment, but Ll didn’t understand what that meant, but later he understood that it was a blessing speech given by
"Player KaiChen? Saint? Lapidun activated Titan’s veins successfully, and the semi-giant’s veins inspired the human race state to reset to get the semi-giant template. "After this information caught Chen Kai’s eye, Chen Kai’s soul was completely integrated into his body. At that moment, he found that his life value was reduced by 1 point and his strength was increased by 2 points. This increase was a one-off as if Chen Kai’s strength should have been this value. Now Chen Kai’s life value is almost 35 points, and his strength is close to 1 point. This is still naked. Now Chen Kai’s attribute state has become like this.
Kaichen? Saint? Lapston? Berkner (Holy Hurricane)
Grade 5
Professional low-ranking star knight captain
State dawn believer
The camp tends to be orderly and kind (belief bias)
Hunger is good.
In good health
Strength 126 (Strength increased by two points in training, Titan blood strength increased by 15 points, permanently activated blood strength increased by 2 points)
Agile 44
Intelligence 6 (increased a little intelligence through a lot of reading)
Spirit 45
Endurance 9
Physical value 6
Race human
Pissing match attribute light pissing match value 173; Master level of quarrelling, advanced quarrelling, preliminary mastery.
In the case of not counting armor, Chen Kai has surpassed the average player only in terms of health value. Coupled with the increase of armor strength and state, even if he is out of the human category, of course, his race is now non-human, because the icon on the far right side of his status bar stands for human has become a semi-giant, but Chen Kai has not yet discovered how abnormal this semi-giant race is, but when the semi-giant appears on the official website with racial information, the whole online forum is almost crazy. Because of the game official website, there is a race page so far, and now there is suddenly a semi-giant page, and there is also a player information on it. Where can’t everyone be crazy? At the moment when Chen Kai’s semi-giant lineage appears, the number of hits on the entire official website is almost close to the live video broadcast of the holy mountain being destroyed in a blink of an eye.
Of course, Chen Kai, the half-giant’s bloodline owner, has no mind to pay attention to the situation of Battle. Net, because he is now tragically looking at the huge crushing mountain that is getting closer and closer in the sky, but although he has seen it, he can’t dodge it, because his game character is in a state of physical pain and can’t move a step, and the blood activation and transformation is not so easy to recover. Generally speaking, Chen Kai’s best situation now is to lie in trauma for three days and wait for his bones to harden completely, otherwise he can continue like a pile, but the reality is his roots. There was no day, and the fragments of the big rock with half a football were tumbling down towards him. In that stone fragment, he saw many reliefs of temple buildings, and now this stone belongs to a part of temple buildings in a certain area of the holy mountain.
"Unlucky" This is the only idea before ll was crushed to a pulp by a huge rock, and it is also the last scene of most temple warriors at the foot of the holy mountain. Many temple knights did not die in the battle against ghouls, but were crushed to death because of the collapse of the holy mountain. At the same time, hundreds of powerful temples in the holy area attacked the terrible Titan savagely, but their attack roots could not hurt each other’s skin. Even if the strong ones released energy, the attack only aroused a burst on each other’s body surface. It’s just a ripple of ideas. After all, this Titan was once the Lord of the underworld, that is, he was equal to Antoro, the keeper of the underworld. You should know that Antoro fought for the position of the Lord of the underworld and almost launched a god war to get rid of each other. In the end, he sealed Togo in the deepest part of purgatory and couldn’t completely destroy each other’s gods. Even the gods of the Lord God level can destroy the gods’ bodies. How can they be hurt by the strong in the temple of the highest morning? Just waving their arms, the strong in the temple flying around him is like sweeping. Flies flew in the sky, and the strong in the sanctuary fell like a plane crash, and they were severely smashed to the ground. Some of them could get up again, but many of them could not move.
Fortunately, the places where these strong people fall are all within the scope of the temple, and they are worried that their strength will be lost. When the holy mountain collapses, the ghouls will retreat and move. The strong people will not be attacked by ghouls, and they will continue to rush out around them and die to meet the knights of the temple. They will try their best to save the middle and high-level fighting power of these temples, but they will try their best to save the gradually collapsing holy mountain because it is no longer unstoppable by manpower.
"Roar" When this terrible roar came from the giant mouth of the Titan Togo, the dark clouds in the whole day were scattered. The earth seemed to be swept by a whole gale. Generally, all the snow and snow were instantly blown away, including those ghouls with low strength, which were directly blown to the ground for several times before being hit hard. The clergy belonging to the temple at its feet were even more miserable. At that moment, their eardrum eyeballs were directly shattered by the terrible sound, and the undead clergy near the ridge were also directly shattered by the terrible wave. The brains of the skull are like explosives, which can be said to be just a wave attack. The strength of the Dawn Temple in the holy mountain evaporated by a third almost in an instant, and the other part also lost a lot of fighting capacity. If there is no miracle, they will be deaf or blind in this life.
"Togo, you should be chop suey in hell forever." When the Titan roared at the top of the holy mountain like ruins, there was a sudden burst of anger in the sky. The female god roared, and the sound was mixed with the actual magical power, which came to disperse the dark clouds that enveloped more than 20 kilometers around the holy mountain in an instant. Even if the dark clouds passed through the Titan’s throat, there were not many in the sky. However, in this sacred power, the injured temple knights recovered quickly, and at the same time, they gradually found that their magical release ability was recovering, that is to say, they believed in the great god, the morning
"Who are you? Don’t disturb my revenge. If you disturb me, I’ll let you taste the taste of falling. "Maybe it’s thousands of years without speaking. As a result, most of Titan’s words are very old languages, and most temple priests can’t understand what he is saying. Plus, more people are trying to cover their ears and their eardrums are broken.
"revenge. is your revenge that purpose of the collapse of my temple?" With this angry roar, the yellow sky was completely torn at that moment, and a dark but bright star slowly appeared at the zenith of the holy mountain.
"So what? All the gods with Antoinette will be my revenge target. I will destroy all your temples, then smash your kingdom and seal you for ten thousand years. "The Titan growled angrily. It made a fist with one hand and slammed it into the sky. The fist made a terrible sound like thunder, as if to pierce the whole zenith. At the same time, a huge spear slowly emerged from the void. Five giant light giants distributed their hands and held the tail end of the spear and stabbed it hard. If someone looked up from the Titan’s point of view now, it would tear the star. You can see that five gods attacked the five gods at the other end of the crack. In addition to Lilian, the goddess of life, there is another goddess who has just arrived. That is the morning Lord Aurora’s sister, and the evening goddess Celia’s Lord Loren needs to control the crack, but he is not under a lot of pressure. After all, he needs to control the whole crack so that it can withstand the five gods’ attack and release energy pressure. It is said that the fact that the Titan Togo is fighting against the six gods with one person, and there is no nervous or flustered expression on its face. Its only possession is madness and hatred that has been eternal.
"Ding" When the giant Titan’s fist collided with the spear pierced from the sky, everyone heard a very slight impact in their ears, which seemed to be a small nail hitting the glass lightly. This extreme change made them feel very uncomfortable to see both sides attack, as if there was a breath in their chest.
However, the slight impact was accompanied by a terrible virtual crack. If it wasn’t for the main Lorraine’s continuous reinforcement of the Astral passage, the virtual tear would have disappeared directly at the moment of impact. At the same time, whether to attack the Titan or the virtual five gods, they all felt bad. Titan’s whole arm was very directly penetrated by the spear. The terrible spear contained power and rushed into its body through the spear tip, making the whole arm extremely miserable. A lot of black and purple contained the smell of death, and the blood was constantly spilled on the ground, eroding the ground. At the same time, the virtual five gods were even more miserable. They were
"It’s time for death, you scum, to wait for me to come back." The Titan is clutching his injured arm. Although it’s crazy, it doesn’t mean it’s stupid, because it’s been stupid once to fight against other gods by itself, and as a result, it’s directly sealed for thousands of years. Of course, those who made moves are also unhappy. Now the goddess of the earth and the goddess of nature are still asleep, and Aurora’s husband has directly fallen. At the moment he saw the spear, Togo, the Titan, remembered the one who was born after he defeated the goddess of the earth and At that moment, the knight god, especially the spear, almost saw the crazy god who burned his godhead and charged himself. His consciousness chose to retreat because he was afraid that holding the spear now was also a crazy place. He directly chose to retreat. He almost directly ignored the control and blockade of the Lord Lorenz. At that moment, he also hurt the Lord with brute force.
"Damn barbarian, damn death Titan" Loren spat out the blood of God while cursing and ran away. The Titan not only broke the blockade by brute force, but also left him a lot of rotten stalls. He had to use his own residual power to close the Titan and crack it, because the crack led to purgatory, and an invasion with a hint of purgatory could destroy a large area.
"All right, Loren, let’s get to work quickly. We still have a lot of things to do. Damn it, that guy not only ran away by himself, but also took those ghouls away." Anthos, the magic god, roared angrily, but as soon as he got angry, his blood gushed out directly from his mouth. In fact, all five gods were injured more or less because of the death of Titan. It was so terrible that the whole Terran God almost entered the war to seal it, and it also led to the fall of the knight god. Two goddesses fell asleep for thousands of years. The worst thing was that he was being Antolo, now he is almost not the Pluto who took part in the God War. His whole personality has been completely polluted by the death Titan’s careful attention, and he has become cold, inhuman and cold. God is not even willing to help his former god partner, and he still needs Aurora, the Lord of the morning, to exchange enough faith power in order to get back to his own heart.
"I see ~ pity me for my old bones’s injury. Not only did I have no rest, but I also had to wipe your ass." Lord Loren sighed depressed. Of course, his hands didn’t relax because he needed to repair the cracks as soon as possible to prevent those purgatory smells from invading the main plane
Four hours later, Chen Kai walked out of the temple resurrection hall weakly. In fact, two hours ago, he was resurrected. The arrival of five divine powers, especially the goddess of life, lured the souls of many knights who died in the temple back to the goddess kingdom. At the same time, the injured who didn’t die were cured instantly. Of course, the most important thing was that after the divine power, the holy mountain slowly recovered and pieces of rocks flew back from the ground, but this process lasted for a long time until Chen Kai walked out of the temple. However, the reconstruction of the holy mountain was a lot shorter than in the past, because more rocks were transformed into cliffs and
The back of the chair is the peak of the sacred mountain, where there are large and small temples. The armrest of the chair is a straight cliff with two walls as high as 1,000 meters, which prevents the enemy from climbing. It is possible that the chair seat is the main building of the temple. A large number of temples and temples are distributed in this position. Two giant statues of the goddess stand in front of the armrest and guard the temple area where the chair is located. These two icons of the goddess as high as 1,000 meters have forced Chen Kai to sigh that they are unified in the chair road, which makes the sacred mountain more like a mountain. Because it is a sloping slope, it is a circle at the bottom of the slope
When Chen Kai looked at the holy mountain at the foot of the mountain, a short sign appeared in his field of vision, and then he hurried to find a local line, because after running for almost nine months, the game was updated for the first time, and it was a line update instead of the direct line update in the past. Even if Chen Kai didn’t want to, he could find a local line because the update time limit was only half an hour.
Chapter 463 Waiting for the update date
Chapter 463 Waiting for the update date
"shout! Fortunately, in reality, the body will not become so huge. It is really difficult to control the body more than three meters high. I always feel that the character’s body has become dull. Is it because the bones have not yet hardened? " Chen Kai slowly climbed out of the life-support warehouse and stayed in the life-support warehouse. When he logged in to official website, he found that the whole update process took less than four or five days, which has never happened in the past six months, but he also happened to have a good rest during this period. After all, there is always fatigue when playing games all day long. Although all feelings in the game world are very real, it always makes people feel illusory and dreamy.

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