Want to busy here to the ice demon elder sister said

"Beautiful sister also gave me this peeping eye skill, okay?"
The ice devil looked at me coldly and said
"I’m sorry you don’t understand the charm! I still want to dance with me as your wife, and I refuse! "
I’ll stay. No way! You are that-you went outside and turned into a red ribbon with something written on it. Don’t you know that you should love your job and be dedicated? It’s not good to stay in the lobby. When you are a monster, what are you wandering around?
Forget it! I think I’ve completely offended you. Anyway, I just despise you, the ice devil, the fucking celestial messenger. What are you going to do?
Thought of here I sneer at her! She didn’t take a reason I again to our way
"Handsome boy, when you come, can you take me out for a walk? I’m tired of staying in this cave. I want you to agree to take me out for a look. I promise to save you on the fifth floor later. I remember what’s the name of the man who passed me? What Wolf King!"
I was a stare blankly shouted
"Is it an infatuated husband!"
"yes! That’s him! I told him that he couldn’t take the sword away, but he didn’t believe me. I wanted him to take me out, but he said that he had a loving wife and refused all winged goblins. When I was angry, I wouldn’t save him. I was also a handsome guy who didn’t understand charm. Do you understand? "
Our nodded sink a way
"I know! But I can’t take you! Because of the highest power of human beings on earth, I don’t want you to be controlled by alien life, and you don’t want to possess me and make me your puppet! "
"giggle! You know a lot about human players! "
The messenger suddenly became ferocious, and the fairy became a witch.
Xiong and I are busy drawing swords against each other! She suddenly recovered gently way
"all right! Now that you have passed the test of this drama, you can go. "
Say that finish her hand a finger suddenly appeared a flashing green crystal road winding and mountain, I and our no longer talk directly stepped to haven’t walked a few steps when I heard the ice magic faint way.
"That earth ranger has practiced writing well. You are the ugliest player I have ever seen. Be careful to scare your wife!"
I’m stunned. This ice devil sister is quite humorous! Copy that. Let me talk about it sometimes. Your unknown monster sister is still waiting for me. Besides, you’re not my wife, so don’t worry about it …
DiYiSanSi chapter ever-changing angel
Tiancheng is a noisy and tense place at the moment. Miss Monroe, the emissary of Xianggen Yingwei League, and the female symbol of Tianbang, Xinyue Palace Master, were both accidentally hijacked, which has deeply shocked the whole Tianbang League. Through the first report of hundreds of game media present at that time, the star players all knew this emergency in a short time, and this sensational event was continuously broadcasted in various game channels of Dalong. Everyone speculated and doubted that the kidnapper was Fang Shengke. People were hijacked from the inside out like iron barrels, and then hundreds of thousands of search troops were sent out the day after tomorrow to search around the incident suddenly, but no progress was made. Major game media invited top military experts to the performance hall to make 24-hour continuous reports, strive for more ratings and get more advertising rewards.
If we try to find and rescue the hostages, everyone will start to wonder whether the deep meaning behind this incident will seriously affect the alliance’s establishment of allies. Is it possible that the most beautiful woman in the romantic country of Dalong country, Miss Zilian Monroe, was maliciously hijacked, causing the majority of players in the romantic country to be dissatisfied with Dalong? Will the accidental hijacking of Mrs. Xinyue, the first lady of SkyTeam, seriously affect the morale of SkyTeam? Will this incident affect the correct judgment of SkyTeam executives, especially the core members of SkyTeam executives?
In the midst of everyone’s doubts and worries, good news finally came. The deputy leader of Sky Alliance led his elite of Daqimen to find two beautiful women who were kidnapped at Crossslope, Miss Zilian Monroe, and personally led 3,000 flag warriors to escort Miss Zilian Monroe all the way back to Tiancheng.
Tens of thousands of news fans and hundreds of news reporters have gathered in the sky and outside the city. Everyone should pay attention to what explosive hijacking scenes this beautiful messenger who has just arrived from the west will reveal.
Soon, a fresh warrior with a standard appeared in the south of the city, glowering with murderous look and fighting spirit. The 3,000 iron army is the Great Dragon Banner Army!
Seeing that these 3,000 flag troops are all wearing red armor and crossing the sweat and blood, the armored horse is the first to take the purple-glowing weapon in one hand, and the purple-shining Excalibur crosses the red-blooded BMW. It is the flag-rising sun, the main door of the flag gate. Not far from him, there is a woman wearing the magic-level equipment, flying feathers and holding the staff of the moon god. It is the flag-gate, the deputy door, and the main flag Leng Yue. They are followed by a beautifully decorated and noble carriage, which was hijacked in Li Po in October.
Those players who are waiting for the interview and report are all flocking to the front of the carriage. The soldiers of the flag army are just harassed by a flash of video. I didn’t expect this flag army to be so refreshing and powerful! Everyone is excited. It turns out that in Dalong country, there is not a day to help a Huanglong proud sky, but also a flag gate and a flag of the East China Sea warrior, the rising sun!
The flag rising sun looked at these excited players with a calm face, but their faces were dignified at ordinary times, but they also eliminated a lot. At this time, a burst of golden drums and drums sounded in the tower of Tiancheng, and I heard the direction of Tiancheng coming loudly.
"Sky alliance leader proud to meet the angel! The messenger has worked hard all the way. "
Everyone looked back and saw a golden armored golden fighters riding out of the city in a neat row. This is the Heaven Help Wang proud of the sky and the Rapier Guard.
Soon, two well-dressed troops are facing the ups and downs of Tiangu Mountain in the distance of Ping Ye Mountain outside Tianchi City Trench! Witness the first official meeting between these two powerful armies.
Huang longqi Wu shengqi and together, the two core figures of Dalongtian alliance rode face to face on horseback and looked at each other. Suddenly, they all smiled at each other, and the sky first said,
"Brother Rising Sun, thank you for pulling the alliance. Brother Rising Sun has contributed greatly if we can get through this difficulty! I wonder how Miss Monroe is now? "
"Ha ha! Brother Sky is joking. It’s also a coincidence that my second sister, Leng Yue, led the flag army and just came back from Samsung Island. I happened to meet a gang of villains escorting a luxury carriage. My second sister led the children to meet together. Leng Yue saw something wrong and led the army to intercept Miss Monroe, but the carriage was missing. My younger brother was ashamed. Don’t you know the latest news about Brother Sky’s sister-in-law? "
"Speaking of shame, I don’t have any clue now. I want to send my sister Sunset to ask Miss Monroe personally to see if she knows anything."
Proud of the sky, suddenly, with a hint of anxiety in his face, his heart is even more self-blaming. Because the third brother dominates the guilty woman in his heart, he can’t say anything in front of Xinyue for a while. Is he a little repulsive to her from his heart? But she complained that she had been silently supporting me. How could I be so confused? She is my life’s destined wife. Why can’t I observe her subtle feelings? Moon talks about it. I will find you at any cost. When Li Po looked at you in horror on the tenth day, but her deep attachment and belief looked at me, I suddenly realized this life. I can’t lose you. Because you are my beloved wife, Moon, let bygones be bygones. Let me take good care of you and love you. Moon, where are you? Just tell me.
Just as a myriad of melancholy and remorse emerged in the proud sky, I heard a sweet sound coming through the bead curtain in that carriage.
"Dear proud leader, before I passed out, I heard that girl with a car was called by your wife to be a messenger of change."
The scene suddenly became an uproar! Proud of the sky a surprised step jumped from the horse’s back and ready to jump in front of the carriage to ask a question. The rising sun frowned and looked at the direction of the carriage. The light flashed across the flag. Leng Yue Cheng was also a lag. He looked at the carriage and turned to his brother’s flag. The rising sun wondered gently
"Eldest brother-"
"Don’t talk until you get into Tiancheng."
The flag, the rising sun, looked at that again coldly. What does the carriage want to do? Proud of the sky suddenly realized what stopped the road.
"Welcome the messenger to the city!"
Then I heard the day Rapier guards angry shouting together.
"Welcome the messenger to the city!"
Instantly, several colorful flags were raised in the towering towers of Kim Jong Dae Tiancheng, and several warriors with horns and bright clothes appeared on the surface.
Ring constantly resounded through Tianyu in the whole city, and suddenly there was a high slogan of the heavenly warrior.
Looking at such a majestic city, such a heavenly master, more than 100,000 live players and hundreds of reporters of live reporting game news units once again personally felt that the heavenly army is by no means a wave of hollow reputation. If the powerful enemy wants to defeat Dalong Tiandu, the first thing to ask is whether the two major forces of the alliance, Tianjun and Daqi Army, will agree or not.
Looking at many players’ eyes and the focus of the game news media, they all looked at their three thousand flags, the Red Guards’ flags, the rising sun’s face, and hung up a smile. Cold way in my heart
It’s time for the big flag army to appear.
Chapter DiYiSanWu TianQing hole on the fourth floor
From the third floor, the ice monster who likes to hang around in disorder climbs along this crystal road that emits green light, and suddenly I am interested in a certain problem, and I have always been silent about taking the road of dominating.
"Our eldest brother! Did you just hear what that ice devil said? "
Our head also don’t back to continue walking but asked

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