It’s only 300 miles from Anping to Zhuoxian, but it has to pass through nine waterways, large and small.

I once again feel that Hebei is rich in water resources.
Although these waterways are comparable to the mighty river in the south, they are still a big obstacle.
But this time I don’t need to hurry and Tuoba Ye slowly enjoy the scenery along the way.
In addition to the hip mount, we also brought four extra war horses for easy transfer.
"When we went to Liaodong in those days, it seemed that we were in a hurry." I remembered what we had been doing for several years.
"Master’s March has always been urgent." Tuoba Ye liberated his feet from the stirrup and hung on both sides of the saddle naturally-if he didn’t care about me, I’m afraid he would lie flat on his horse’s back directly.
I thought about it and smiled. "That’s true. Speaking of it, I’ve never ridden a horse so leisurely except this time I’m touring the counties."
"Master is not easy," he sighed from the heart.
I shook my head. "What do you know?"
He looked at me with a wry smile.
If the 300-mile road gallops at full speed, it will take half a day even considering the river along the way, but this meeting is not urgent, so I walked on the road for two days.
On the third day, on the morning of September 11th, I came to Zhuoxian City in Tuoba Ye.
"Yunlong" I looked at this magnificent city in Hebei and turned and smiled. "Do you think … will I die here and become a laughing stock of Liu Xiehe and heaven?"
"Never!" Tuoba Ye resolutely denied my bad idea, and then he reined in and shouted, "Why don’t the mighty Chinese king come here to meet me?" !”
Respond that he is the arch enemy crossbowman.
I saw three or four crossbows and raised my head halfway.
Then I heard someone yelling "Li!"
So I couldn’t help but squint at ChengTou Zheng.
"The other party but two people you like this? !” The sound is vaguely deja vu, but I am not familiar with "closing the crossbow and hitting the city gate!"
"General Tian should know …" Another voice replied, "You need Luzhou Pastoral Order to enter the city gate."
"It’s Lord Lu’s password. Don’t you believe it?"
"I dare not!" The other voice suddenly softened. "Door!"
Zhuoxian main entrance "noting" slowly hit in front of me.
"At the end of the main road!" Tuoba Ye’s feet stepped into the stirrup, and I didn’t wait for me to nod, so I urged the horse to run ahead.
Not wanting to lag behind, I immediately shook my head and chased it.
There was a rhythmic sound in the gate, and more than 100 light horses were listed in the east and west, and a miniature crane wing formation was placed on both sides.
I watched the young general quickly recall his name "Long time no see, Guo Jean?"
Tian Yu Tian Guo let Lu Zhi pretend to be his younger brother, but he is also Lu Zhi’s most valued confidant. He has successively taken on the positions of army department horse, chief thin, and Yuyang satrap. Now he is engaged in two positions, namely, military and political affairs in Youzhou. Of course, if he really wants to compare his strength, he may not be the opponent of three local generals, Gongsun Zan, Yan Rou and Zongyuan.
"Tian Yu has seen the mighty king." Tian Yu didn’t have a horse on horseback to give me a fist and bow his hand. "Luzhou shepherd is too sick to meet him personally. Please don’t take it amiss."
Although he and I are in two hostile countries, he can be said to be polite, courteous and supercilious, but I still feel a little uncomfortable in my heart
"Lu Gongke is in the city?" I asked a hand in return.
He nodded, "Lu Zhoumu came here from Jixian County, and in the satrap mansion, Sun Taishou greeted the pavilion together, please." He drove his mount to the side and invited me.
Tuoba Ye gave me a look, but he still rode ahead.
I kept the lowest vigilance and walked into the gate of Zhuoxian with two spare mounts.
Obviously, the government has sent a notice in advance that the main road in Zhuoxian County is deserted, and every ten feet, there are soldiers holding spurge standing on both sides of the street. The whole scene is particularly solemn, which makes me accustomed to traveling without pomp, and I am a little uncomfortable at the moment.
I looked up and looked at it in the middle, and I clearly felt that there were some sneaky guys hiding in some corners of the building.
"I wonder what the mighty king is looking at?" Tian Yu sounds come from my right rear.

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