After the salamander broke a hole, Longye got a clear view of the situation inside. There were four people lying on the ground. After careful inspection, it was found that all of them were in a coma.

These people are lucky. Long Yeli’s super power carried these four people out smoothly.
"It’s time to go back and make peace with Nazi," thought Long Ye.
But at this time, a crisp sound came to Longye’s ear.
"What happened here? What about the others? "
Looking down the sound, Longye turned out to be a Miss Joey shouting on the mountain road.
Miss Joey was also shocked to see the meeting. She stayed in the nearby elf center, but a violent explosion suddenly came to Miss Joey and ran out.
Longye asked the salamander to pick up Miss Joey. As soon as Joey landed, he exclaimed, "Did a spaceship crash?"
Longye calmed Joey down first, and then told him about the situation here. "Come on, my companions and I were looking for a psychedelic cave around here, and I met the notorious elf hunter J. I fought with the hunter J. This time, I naturally wanted to arrest her, but I didn’t expect her to escape by spaceship. I attacked the spaceship and the spaceship fell."
Lainoye was going to make up a random reason and then take himself and Nazi out of this matter, but he remembered that there were five hunters J in front of the psychedelic cave who witnessed the whole process and could not tell the truth.
"Don’t move!" Miss Joey suddenly released herself from Longye’s side, Ji Lidan. She stared at Longye with a wary face.
Joey doesn’t know who hunter J is, but it must be very dangerous to hear Longye admit that he shot down the other ship.
"Wait, you listen to me."
"Don’t move!" Joey was shocked when he saw Longye waving his arms, and then he trembled a little and said, "Don’t touch me. Ji Lidan is very good."
When Ji Lidan heard Joey’s words, he also made a show of strength, but Ji Lidan’s round body did not kill him.
Joey stared carefully at the young man in front of him. Although he was not fierce, it was scary to do things. Joey, however, how dangerous it was to see those ships destroying a spaceship. Joey had imagined the young man opposite him as a demon in human skin, afraid that Joey would unconsciously substitute himself into the duties of a good sister Junsha, hoping that this would make him look calm.
"What are you doing?" Joey became nervous again when he saw Longye suddenly turn around.
"There are still several wounded people over there. If I don’t go there, I’ll die."
After some explanation by Ryuno, Miss Joey believed Ryono’s words for the time being, but she was afraid that Miss Joey would like Ryono to leave soon.
Miss Joey didn’t go with Longye to find Nazi. Now it’s the most correct choice to ask for support immediately. Joey asked the salamander to send herself back. She should inform her good sister Junsha to come quickly.
"Don’t try to escape, I have already remembered you." Before leaving, Joey bravely warned the "suspect".
Miss Joey’s strong composure made Longye want to laugh. He shook his head and returned to Nazi with several wounded people and those petrified elves.
Longye didn’t petrify the elves at the first time. After all, the situation is chaotic now, and no one knows that if these elves are released now, it will probably bring trouble.
"Police station? This is No.42 elf center. There has been a serious accident near here. I repeat, there is a spaceship crashing here." Back to the elf center, Joey informed the police as soon as possible, and then she returned to the place where she met Longye with a medicine box.
Operation Junsha in Shenao area was still very fast. Ten minutes later, a helicopter flew to Longye, and Officer Jenny and her family arrived at the scene.
The wreckage of the spaceship surprised these people, too, but they were professionals after all and soon commanded rescue workers in Junsha.
These policemen are much more meticulous than Longye. First, the bodies of the people inside the spaceship are removed, and then the scattered elf balls are put away. At the same time, another group of people are directing the water elves to put out the fire.
"Hello, my name is Zhenxu, and I am an elf search officer. According to Miss Joey’s information, you are sinking this ship." A girl with purple-gray waist and long hair and neat bangs came to Longye and asked.
Longye carefully looked at the elf search officer in front of him. He always felt that he had seen each other somewhere.
"True Mood True Mood" Are you the girl who claims to be able to understand the insect elves? Longye suddenly asked
"How do you know?" True mood frowned.
"We’ve met before. You forgot to be at the elf tower and once when you caught the elf hunter."
"I remember that you are Longye, and this is Nazi with super powers." Zhenwu was deeply impressed by Nazi’s super powers.
"Even if we know you, don’t want me to practice favoritism and malpractice." Zhenwu then said seriously, "I’m an honest alliance search officer."
How can anyone boast that Longye shook his head slightly and told the truth about Hunter J.
"Are you sure it’s Hunter J and her gang?" True mood solemnly asked
"Of course I confirmed that she was lying there."
An alliance search officer really knows about hunter J. She and her gang are worried about the crazy case in the Shenao area. Although the search officers have been trying to arrest her, the other party is too decisive. Some people say that they will give up and give up. The search officers in the Shenao area have been busy for a long time without results
Go to the front of the body that has just been moved out, and the hunter J’s unusual dress immediately makes Zhenxu recognize it.
"It turned out to be a hunter J!" True mood shocked to see the dragon wild this person can catch the hunter j?
Confirmed the identity of hunter J, then the nature of Longye’s action has become a struggle against evil forces, so naturally no one will be held accountable for his shooting down the hunter J gang ship. After all, it is understandable to be heavier when the evil forces fight.
Chapter 2 Harvesting the Round Shark
Since there is nothing wrong with them in Longye, it’s natural that I won’t face them with a straight face again.
"I didn’t expect to meet you here in Shenao. What a coincidence," said Zhenxu strangely.
"It’s a coincidence, but sister Zhenxu, weren’t you there before? Why did you come to Shenao again?" Nazi asked doubtfully.
True mood Zhan Yan smiled. "My hometown is here in Shenao. After I finished some things in DuDu, I applied to the headquarters to transfer back to Shenao."
Zhenxu explained it, and then she looked at Longye. "Former Miss Joey said that you brought this ship into the dragon field. You are so strong now. I wonder which one of you is better than Aaron?"
"You say Aaron is?"
"It’s Aaron, the four kings of God and one king of insects."
When Zhenwu arrived in Aaron, her face was as proud as if she were showing her baby to others. Nazi couldn’t help but say, "Isn’t this Aaron when you come back to Shenao?"
True mood face some blush, but she didn’t refute Nazi’s words. Obviously, she is the other party when she returns to Shenao.
"I didn’t expect you to know the four kings of God and Austria. I also hope to have a battle with Aaron. What are you going to do with the elves captured by hunter J?" Longye asked, pointing to the elves who had been relieved of petrochemical status.
"We will take them to the nearby elf center to take care of them, and then we will release news to find their trainers."
Longye nodded, and now he can do the same.
"By the way, I helped you get rid of a big bad guy this time. Do you have any rewards?" Longye suddenly asked
"This ….." True mood hesitated. "If you can capture Hunter J alive, there must be a reward, but now you know that there are many people in Hunter J gang who are guilty of immortality. The League should make up for it."

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