By waiting for the arrival of the new car, Jiang Xiaoliu invited a group of four people to have a hearty meal in a restaurant at school. Qi Yufeng waited for him to talk. Only then did he know that Miao Di said that there were mistakes. It was from his freshman family that Jiang Xiaoliu entered the restaurant and pro-chef cooked here. The business was so hot that he accumulated a lot of money and contacts. It was not arrogant to "rush to the top and get angry" before investing in business.

In Huo Jingzhu, the anthomaniac kept asking questions, and the two men didn’t go deep into it. Immediately, several people had breakfast in this H group, and a commercial car and a line of people went straight to H headquarters.
In fact, the H Group is now a world-famous multinational enterprise with diversified production. According to statistics, H production has already penetrated into people’s lives in the world for more than ten years, from family to medical care, from transportation, construction to commerce, education and communication, which has greatly changed people’s life and work style.
Qi Yufeng once said in an interview that at least 5% people in the world will come into direct or grounded contact with H company every day.
At the same time, H naturally has branches, research centers and production bases in many countries. The headquarters here is already somewhat like Luoyi, where Sunday was located in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. However, the status of Luoyi is not as important as before. However, because most of the veteran team members of Yinjiang Xiaoshi and Tuan eo Office Company have stayed here all the year round, it still brings a little mystery to this place.
However, within an hour, everyone came to the H headquarters of the High-tech Zone and looked from the car. Even in the winter, there were lawns, flowers and trees, and there was a big lawn where everyone was swinging and playing golf, and there were scattered trees and squirrels and birds constantly walking and playing.
The vehicle slowly climbed a gentle slope from the path, and a line of people saw the towering H building in front of the car, guiding the people in front of the river hunting, and then Qu Feiyan saw the glass mirror building flashing mottled mysterious light and couldn’t help but feel a little excited and nervous.
And the same first time I visited Huojing Bamboo, I felt uneasy and said nothing with a straight face.
Jiang Xiaoliu went to the building, stopped and looked up for a while, and then turned back to Qi Yufeng and said, "This is the proudest place in my life. I borrowed your light from a few little girls, otherwise even the Central Committee members would have to make an appointment to visit."
Qi Yufeng nodded his head dignified and looked at the people who created the entire wealth empire. He felt more and more unfathomable, but he didn’t take the initiative to talk about his experience, but it was not easy to ask questions.
A group of people continue to go forward to reach the gate, and there are still more than ten meters away. Suddenly, it seems that the glass wall of the road automatically scratched a door. A woman full of texture came out of the door, "Welcome back, Chairman Jiang Xiaoliu."
At the same time, a well-dressed and capable beautiful female secret flashed out.
A few people were shocked, but a closer look revealed that the female secret was a virtual video and not a real person.
Jiang Xiaoliu frowned and said, "What’s the matter? Didn’t you see a distinguished guest visiting at the side door?"
The female secret immediately bowed slightly and waited for a few seconds, and then replied, "The scanned image of the guests is based on the data comparison and comprehensive inference that the guests’ families have not given corresponding restrictions and welcome speeches."
Jiang Xiaoliu Xiongdan raised his eyebrows and pointed to Qi Yufeng’s way, "I changed this one to give A-level limit."
"A few others …" Jiang Xiaoshi glanced around and looked at all three women with a look of discontent, and couldn’t help coughing "and gave it to me."
The female secret bowed slightly again and waited for a moment. "The scanning record has been completed. Welcome the distinguished guests from afar to the H building." Then the light flashed and disappeared in the middle.
This together can’t help but be dumbfounded. "Is this 3d stereoscopic projection without the help of media?"
He once heard Cheng Xuyuan introduce this technology, even if it creates an objective 3d scene through the influence of light. This scene does not need special glasses and can be watched in 360 degrees. It was pioneered by H company, while other so-called 3d Americans studied the projection of images on steam, while people projected their hair on Germans and Britons with soap bubbles. Only what H company produced can project perfect images in reality, which is the most perfect and authentic 3d projection of human science and technology at present.
H company also earns a lot of money in high-end industries because of this technical concept, but such a large scale should be valuable after all, and Qi Yufeng has never seen it.
Jiang Xiaoshi nodded proudly and laughed. "Good. How does it look like that?"
Qi Yufeng looked at the pure marble floor tiles and sighed, "I don’t know how excited it is if Cheng Xuyuan saw it."
Jiang Xiaoshi smiled "Will you point the fist that little thin? He came here a month earlier, and he hasn’t worked for me since he got the money here! “
Huo Jingzhu couldn’t help complaining when he heard this. "He didn’t tell us anything about such a big thing in H Company."
Jiang Xiaoshi turned and walked over and explained, "The company has confidentiality regulations and generally can’t talk about it to outsiders casually. I don’t blame him. Well, it was only a month before he was taken by me …"
Miao Di didn’t go to the school yesterday and didn’t know that Cheng Xuyuan joined H company. At this time, my classmates couldn’t help but ask, "Cousin, how much salary can Cheng Xuyuan give to join your company like this?" “
Jiang Xiaoshi waved a hand at the door and asked a few people to take the door. "That’s not bad. I’m going to let him join my 100-person hair team after graduation. It was sent that day … er … Let me see …"
He touched the door glass and immediately activated a transparent panel like water waves. He knocked on the glass and soon a row of numbers appeared.
"Well, 20,000 cars, employees, residential quarters, a set of travel allowance, 50,000 entertainment allowance, 30,000 … The first one is 500,000, except for a one-time one, which is about 300,000." He casually read aloud while looking at the glass.
"So much? "Huo Jingzhu can’t help but be surprised." Why does he make so much money? He hasn’t graduated yet “
Miao Di, however, recognized the mystery and quickly explained, "Cheng Xuyuan is going to join the 100-member team led by my cousin personally. In the future, H Company will focus on training engineers, and it will be less."
"Just him?" Huo Jingzhu crinkled and disdained, "I can beat him three times if I am as thin as he is."
But having said that, she still felt that Cheng Xuyuan’s position in her heart seemed to be a little higher.
When everyone stepped into the main entrance, there was a vast hall of several hundred square meters. The hall was filled with red, yellow, green and blue, and there were all kinds of food cabinets and beverage cabinets next to the sofa.
At this time, it was about 10 o’clock in the afternoon, which was the prime time of work, but the hall was full of people, like the sales hall of a luxury residence. Everyone chatted and watched or drank drinks, and some people took pens and scribbled on the wall. Some people tuned the guitar strings and were happy to eat and wait for the mirror image.
There are even cats, dogs and pets strolling back and forth on the ground. Some people take their children to watch toys fight, and several sweeping robots run back and forth and turn around.
Jiang Xiaoshi took people through the hall, but occasionally someone looked up and saw it far away to say hello, and no one came up to talk.
"This … this is your employee?" Huo Jingzhu once again found it difficult to understand.
"Yes," said Jiang Xiaoshi with mirth, but his face was also awkward.

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